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May 1st – Dr. Kristal Brent Zook is a journalist, author and professor. She is also a biracial woman raised in LA who realized that she needed to go to the rural south (where her grandmother grew up) in order to better understand the experience of being a black woman in this country.  Host Autumn McLeod speaks to Dr. Zook about her book Black Women’s Lives: Stories of Power and Pain which profiles the strong and courageous women she met in the south and elsewhere, and also demonstrates how much is still needed for this country to fulfill its promise of an equal and justice society for all its citizens.

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Our very own Dean Marc Oppenheim will be moderating a Spring Communications Internship Panel presented by Hofstra’s Zeta Phi Eta Beta Eta Chapter.  The event will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 8:15 PM in the Plaza Room Middle.  The panelists include:

Jeff Goldberg of JG Media Consulting
Donna Janine Director of PR at Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc.
Cara DiMarco of Milojo Productions

Please be sure to stop by!

Gross Domestic Product is the first novel by Pamela Corkey, assistant professor of Radio, Television, Filmat The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.

From www.gdpthenovel.com:

The nation is transformed when government teams up with big biotech and pioneers a way to convert human fat into a highly efficient fuel, thus ending our nation’s energy crisis and our obesity epidemic in one fell suck. Americans grow instantly rich, selling off their excess bulk to the highest bidder. Effort is no longer required to survive.

The resulting tumult is experienced through three people, each with a distinct view of the events. Treyshawn, an intuitively gifted entrepreneur who rises up from the bottom where the obese poor are carrying around more equity than anyone else. Franny, an overweight schoolteacher who prefers her online world to reality. When education becomes obsolete and her job disappears, she’s forced into the marketplace, selling off her accumulated girth to get by. And Derek, trapped inside the political/media machine. Formerly the world’s heaviest man, he is recruited as the government’s poster boy for “Project People Power” and suctioned down to a tenth of his size. Now, instead of being pitied as a freak, he’s held up as an inspiration.

Americans seem content to meander in blithe apathy towards an uncertain future. After tens of thousands of years, humanity has finally gotten hold of the carrot at the end of evolution’s stick. So now what?

The book is available in Kindle and print editions at Amazon.com.

Almost Showtime! Giants At Large performing @livefromstudioa Check 1, 2, 3….

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While our students are on spring break, we have been keeping busy here at the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication…

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“After Avonte: One Mother’s Search for Answers and Peace,” by Kristal Brent Zook, Ph.D., appears in the April 2014 issue of Essence. Professor Zook is a New York-based journalist who writes about a wide range of social and political issues. Currently an associate professor and director of the M.A. Journalism Program at The Lawrence Herbert School of CommunicationHofstra University.

Google’s latest foray into wearable tech, Android Wear.  What do you think?

Hofstra professor Chris Vaccaro helped coordinate/produce a commercial for Topps starring @miketrout of @angels
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Hofstra University’s Association of Black Journalists Presents Women In Power.

Come join us as we discuss the careers of powerful women in the field of communication.

When: Monday, March 10, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Student Center Plaza Room West

Hofstra’s Julian Coltre, and Dan Savarino are “living out a dream” as broadcasters for the New York Islanders.